How to FRACKING use GitHub.

Git is a version control system. What’s that? Let’s say you were working on a large project with many developers. If everyone edited the project’s source code at once, there would be tons of conflicts and it would be hard to make sense of things. With version control, specifically Git, each developer makes changes to a local copy of the project, makes a commit, and pushes that change to a remote location if the project is hosted on an external server such as one of GitHub’s. Every change made under a version control system is tracked, so conflicts are greatly reduced and any you do encounter can be sorted out fairly easily. (Source)

The basic Git work flow

Work flow in this case refers to how paths are created; which is familiar to you if you visited my blog entry named “Becoming Command Line Literate“.

  • git init will create an empty Git repository in the current directory or a directory you specify. If you want to work on an existing repository that lives at a remote location, use git clone.
  • To make sure you have the latest version of the repository (if you cloned from a remote, upstream location), use git pull.
  • After adding new files or making changes to existing ones, add your changes with git add.
  • Commit and describe your changes with git commit.
  • Use git push to send your changes to a remote location, such as GitHub.

The How to Use GitHub Guide


Super shout out the Hackers of Life.

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  1. I usually prefer using git fetch && git rebase instead of git pull, I already had problems with git pull like:
    Suppose there is a folder caller some_folder with many files on it.
    Person A creates the file some_folder/person_A_file.c and Person B deletes the some_folder, if one of them do a git push and the other do a pull, a conflict may not happen, but a the folder some_folder with with no other file in it except for person_A_file.c will be there after the pull.
    Anyway, that is one example of a problem I had and I never had problems with git fetch && git rebase


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